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Avoid truck accidents by knowing the challenges truckers face

All road users share the responsibility for safety on Georgia roads. However, drivers of passenger vehicles, riders of motorcycles and bicycles, and pedestrians are at higher risks whenever they are driving, riding or walking near buses and big rigs. Understanding the challenges that commercial vehicle drivers face might help to avoid truck accidents.

The four most significant threats faced by operators of large trucks and buses include the sizes of the vehicles, maneuverability, longer stopping distance, and no-zones or blind spots. Many commercial vehicles weigh 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. For that reason, the consequences of an accident such as being rear-ended by a big rig are typically significantly more severe than in a tailgating crash caused by another passenger vehicle. The center of gravity of large vehicles requires drivers to slow down significantly when navigating ramps and curves because they fall over easily.

Skilled criminal defense is crucial after a DUI stop in Georgia

Law enforcement works hard to keep impaired drivers off Georgia highways, and drivers who are caught driving drunk will face the full wrath of the law. Dealing with drunk driving charges is daunting without the advocacy of a criminal defense attorney. Having legal counsel to protect his or her rights from the onset might limit the damage that a DUI conviction could cause.

Law enforcement needs probable cause to pull a driver over, and in many cases, traffic violations or malfunctioning brake or headlights give police officers enough reason to pull drivers over. The best way to deal with such a traffic stop is to pull over, turn on the car's interior light and remain in the vehicle with hands kept on the steering wheel. Being polite and handing over one's license and registration or getting out of the car when asked to by the officer might allow the driver to get through the ordeal without legal repercussions.

How do pain and suffering claims work regarding car accidents?

Injured victims of wrecks in Georgia that resulted from another party's negligence might be overwhelmed by the consequences. Not only will there be mounting medical bills, lost income and other economic losses, but also emotional and physical stress caused by the injuries suffered in car accidents. These could include aches, scars, depression, limits on activities and even possible shortening of life.

Submitting receipts, bills and quotes can substantiate claims for economic losses in a civil lawsuit. In contrast, pain and suffering is less evident, and determining an appropriate amount of money as compensation for noneconomic damages is more complicated. In fact, two people with similar injuries could experience the trauma differently.

There are new rules regarding Breathalyzer refusals in Georgia

A recent decision by a Georgia court shows why drivers charged with DUIs need to understand their rights. It also reveals how tricky the finer points of those rights can be.

Georgia’s laws for implied consent require drivers charged with driving under the influence to submit to tests of their blood, breath or urine. Drivers who refuse will have their licenses suspended for a minimum of one year. They can also have their refusals used against them as evidence in court, but a February ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court now blocks the use of an individual’s refusal of breath testing as evidence during a criminal trial.

Macon named the worst city for driving in Georgia

The driving experience varies a great deal from city to city. Each city has a range of unique aspects that can impact how safe, convenient, stressful or expensive driving is for its residents.

A recent 24/7 Wall St. report looked at 2017 data touching on a range of factors related to the driving experience to determine which city was the worst one to drive in for each state. Examples of factors reviewed include fatality rates, traffic levels, commute times, gas prices and car theft rates.


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