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Personal injury damages from slip-and-fall might be recoverable

Slip-and-fall accidents can have life-changing consequences. Anyone in Georgia who suffers personal injury due to such an accident might be unsure of his or her rights to pursue a claim for financial relief. It might help to know which risks a property owner must address to keep his or her property safe for visitors and patrons. To recover damages, the victim must establish negligence on the part of a property owner or tenant.

Typical risk areas include curbs, walkways and sidewalks, which can pose wear-and-tear hazards or weather-related dangers. Smooth floor surfaces such as linoleum, wood or tile floor can be extremely slippery if they are not covered with non-slip carpets, and wet spots can exacerbate the threat if they are not cleaned immediately. Where floors are covered, mats and rugs must be secured to the floor, and they must undergo frequent checks for frayed, torn, curling or lose edges.

Are you ready for the real cost of a DUI?

If you enjoy an adult beverage or two with friends at the end of the week, you know that a night out is not cheap. In addition to your own drinks, you may spring for a round for everyone, order dinner or purchase appetizers to share. You will certainly leave a nice tip for the bartender.

However much a night at the bar sets you back, it may pale in comparison to what you may pay if police pull you over under suspicion of drunk driving on the way home. Unlike a speeding ticket, you will not pay your fine and go on with your life. A DUI conviction can haunt you for years afterward, both personally and financially.

Car accidents involving big rigs are often fatal

Sharing the Georgia highways with big rigs put motorists at significant risks. The slightest error can cause car accidents involving commercial vehicles, and the sheer difference in size and weight could cause fatalities. In one such a tragic accident, a driver and her daughter lost their lives and several passengers ended up in the hospital.

According to local and state authorities, the fiery crash occurred on a recent Monday morning at an intersection in Wilkinson County. Reportedly, a 35-year-old woman was westbound on Ga. Route 112 in an SUV with two of her daughters and three other passengers. Reportedly, when the SUV driver reached the intersection with Ga. Route 29, she allegedly failed to yield to a tractor-trailer that was heading south.

How are truck accidents different from car accidents?

Sharing the busy Georgia highways with big rigs like semis and tractor-trailers can be harrowing experiences. Pedestrians, drivers of passenger vehicles, cyclists and motorcyclists can take precautions to avoid being involved in truck accidents. The best way to do this might be to become familiar with the challenges faced by the drivers of these large vehicles.

Tall vehicles roll over much more easily than cars and other small vehicles because their center of gravity is much higher. For this reason, truckers have to navigate ramps and curves at much lower speeds, often causing impatient drivers of cars to make unsafe passes. When commercial vehicles travel at the allowed speed they typically generate gusts of wind that can push smaller cars into adjacent lanes, and the force of the wind they generate can even pull cars under trucks with high ground clearances.

Criminal defense: Wire fraud conviction can bring prison time

The prevalence of online financial services and mobile banking puts businesses in Georgia and across the country at risk of being targets for wire fraud. Because this type of fraud usually occurs over interstate wires, it is typically prosecuted as a federal crime. Convictions for this type of crime could lead to prison sentences from 20 to 30 years, and those who are accused of wire fraud would be wise to retain a criminal defense attorney.

Sometimes, innocent people are unknowingly drawn into fraud schemes, which start with obtaining the passwords and personal credentials of potential victims. The methods they use include the use of malware to disrupt or damage an unsuspecting victim's computer. Phishing involves unsolicited emails or websites pretending to be legitimate entities purely as a lure to gain access to personal information.

Personal injury caused by slip-and-fall can be life changing

Slip-and-fall threats exist in almost all supermarkets, especially in the fresh produce areas and around the refrigerators. Consumers nationwide, including Macon, Georgia, are vulnerable whenever they go shopping in stores with inadequate housekeeping policies. Such incidents lead to many personal injury lawsuits that go through the Georgia civil justice system each year.

Injuries can range from mild to severe and life-changing, and in some cases, they can cause death. Soft tissue injuries can cause wrist and ankle sprains and torn ligaments or tendons. Seeking medical care after a fall is crucial, because soft tissue injuries often only become evident after days and might not be linked to the fall. If left untreated, these injuries could lead to chronic pain.

What to know when under investigation for white-collar crime

It is always intimidating to learn that you are under investigation for suspected criminal activity, especially if you do not fully understand the nature of the allegations against you. White-collar crimes are serious, but many people fail to comprehend the severe nature of these charges and the potential penalties a conviction can bring. 

White-collar crimes are financially motivated crimes. In most cases, these crimes lack an element of violence, but a conviction can result in penalties that can change the course of your life. If you are already facing charges of white-collar crime or you believe you may be soon, it is in your interests to act quickly to build a strong defense strategy.

Truck accidents: Out-of-state trucker accused of causing 4 deaths

Sharing the Georgia highways with big rigs makes occupants of passenger vehicles exceptionally vulnerable. Even those who comply with all the rules of the road could suffer life-changing or even fatal injuries in truck accidents. Unfortunately, not all commercial truck drivers travel at speeds and following distances that will allow them to stop safely in an emergency.

The apparent disregard of road safety led to a truck operator's arrest after a fiery crash that caused the deaths of four people. According to an accident report, the incident occurred shortly after noon on a recent Thursday. Traffic slowed down on Interstate 75 and the 39-year-old out-of-state operator of a tractor-trailer traveled too fast to react in time.

Avoid truck accidents by knowing the challenges truckers face

All road users share the responsibility for safety on Georgia roads. However, drivers of passenger vehicles, riders of motorcycles and bicycles, and pedestrians are at higher risks whenever they are driving, riding or walking near buses and big rigs. Understanding the challenges that commercial vehicle drivers face might help to avoid truck accidents.

The four most significant threats faced by operators of large trucks and buses include the sizes of the vehicles, maneuverability, longer stopping distance, and no-zones or blind spots. Many commercial vehicles weigh 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. For that reason, the consequences of an accident such as being rear-ended by a big rig are typically significantly more severe than in a tailgating crash caused by another passenger vehicle. The center of gravity of large vehicles requires drivers to slow down significantly when navigating ramps and curves because they fall over easily.

Skilled criminal defense is crucial after a DUI stop in Georgia

Law enforcement works hard to keep impaired drivers off Georgia highways, and drivers who are caught driving drunk will face the full wrath of the law. Dealing with drunk driving charges is daunting without the advocacy of a criminal defense attorney. Having legal counsel to protect his or her rights from the onset might limit the damage that a DUI conviction could cause.

Law enforcement needs probable cause to pull a driver over, and in many cases, traffic violations or malfunctioning brake or headlights give police officers enough reason to pull drivers over. The best way to deal with such a traffic stop is to pull over, turn on the car's interior light and remain in the vehicle with hands kept on the steering wheel. Being polite and handing over one's license and registration or getting out of the car when asked to by the officer might allow the driver to get through the ordeal without legal repercussions.


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