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Personal injury caused by slip-and-fall can be life changing

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Personal Injury

Slip-and-fall threats exist in almost all supermarkets, especially in the fresh produce areas and around the refrigerators. Consumers nationwide, including Macon, Georgia, are vulnerable whenever they go shopping in stores with inadequate housekeeping policies. Such incidents lead to many personal injury lawsuits that go through the Georgia civil justice system each year.

Injuries can range from mild to severe and life-changing, and in some cases, they can cause death. Soft tissue injuries can cause wrist and ankle sprains and torn ligaments or tendons. Seeking medical care after a fall is crucial, because soft tissue injuries often only become evident after days and might not be linked to the fall. If left untreated, these injuries could lead to chronic pain.

Other injuries include cuts, abrasions and fractured bones, but the most severe consequences can follow head trauma and spinal cord damage. When a fall causes a severed or compressed spinal cord, it could be life-threatening and might lead to total or partial paralysis. If the head strikes the floor or another hard object, or if the head experiences a whiplash motion during the fall, it can cause a traumatic brain injury with long-term consequences.

Medical treatment and therapy that follow some of the more severe injuries can cost millions of dollars, and if a store owner or employee was responsible, financial relief is attainable. Premises liability is a complicated field of the law, which might be best navigated by an experienced personal injury attorney in Macon, Georgia. A timely consultation with a lawyer can ensure that legal action is taken within the statute of limitations.


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