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Criminal defense: 2 men accused of identity theft

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Many people in Georgia may assume that certain non-violent crimes don’t come with harsh punishment, since no one is physically hurt. However, when it comes to white collar crime, those convicted could face significant jail time or fines, or even see their personal and professional reputations negatively impacted. Those accused of white collar crimes, such as fraud or identity theft, need a solid criminal defense strategy. This is what two different men may need in order to deal with the charges of identity theft that they currently face.

Both men stand accused of using fake IDs to steal cash from multiple bank branches in one Georgia county. Their crimes appear to be unrelated, despite happening around the same time. The first man allegedly stole nearly $50,000 in the spring of last year before being arrested last month.

Law enforcement says the second man targeted two bank branches inside different grocery stores. He is accused of stealing $13,500 by fraudulently withdrawing most of it in cash at one location, and by cashing a fake check at another location. Both men face charges of identity theft fraud and theft by taking, but the second man was also charged with forgery.

The cases of both of these men show just how important it is for people facing white collar crime charges to consider criminal defense. There are times when people accused of these types of crimes are innocent or may not have realized that what they were doing was illegal. Anyone facing these kinds of charges may want to consult an attorney here in Georgia with extensive experience in handling criminal defense cases to facilitate the best outcome possible.