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Truck accidents: GDOT investigating I-75 big-rig accident

All the eastbound traffic lanes of Interstate 75 were closed after a recent accident to allow the Georgia Department of Transportation to complete its investigation. Truck accidents such as this one place the safety of those occupying small vehicles at risk. One person was hospitalized in this crash, which occurred on the Hartley Bridge Road on a recent Friday afternoon.

Criminal defense: Seriousness of misdemeanors underestimated

People in Georgia and across the country often underestimate the seriousness of misdemeanors. It is not uncommon to hear people talking about misdemeanors in the same way they talk about white lies. A crime is a crime, and if found guilty, consequences might affect many aspects of the person's future. For that reason, no charge is insignificant enough to deal with without a criminal defense attorney to protect the legal rights of the accused person.

Are you worried about your patience when it comes to divorce?

You may be someone who did not get an excessive amount of patience when it came to personality traits. You do your best to be patient with others, but when you see something that needs to be done or when you want something to move forward, you find yourself getting frustrated and antsy when you have to wait.

Car accidents: Biker airlifted after 2-vehicle crash in Georgia

Georgia State Patrol sent the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team to investigate a recent crash that occurred on Highway 300. In many car accidents, the collision must be reconstructed before questions about fault and negligence can be answered. This incident involved a motorcycle and a truck that was pulling a camper.


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