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Dangers of improperly secured tractor-trailer loads

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailers carry heavy and bulky loads all around the country. These loads must be all secured properly. A trucker’s failure to secure them can lead to critical safety incidents.

Several things can go wrong when an 18-wheeler’s load is improperly secured. Innocent motorists around the tractor-trailer may suffer injuries, some of which might be fatal.

What can happen when a load isn’t secured?

An improperly secured load can cause the entire rig to shift. There’s also a chance that the cargo may roll or fly off the trailer. It can then strike another vehicle or land in the roadway, becoming a hazard to other motorists. 

Truckers should ensure that they follow the necessary protocol when securing each of their loads. They should even visually inspect a load that a third party secures to ensure that it was done properly.

Can a properly secured load cause problems?

Properly secured loads can also cause issues for truckers. This is often the case if the load is too heavy for the trailer or rig. Tractor-trailers that have heavy loads may have issues stopping. 

Heavier loads require a longer stopping distance, so truckers have to consider that when they’re driving. Some truckers, including those who haul tankers, also have to determine how their driving and road conditions will impact their liquid loads. 

Anyone who’s struck by a tractor-trailer should ensure they get medical attention right away. The victim in such an incident might opt to pursue a claim for compensation when negligence is the cause of the crash. They can seek damages for things like medical bills and other expenses related to the crash.