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Defending Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

If you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, a conviction can change your life forever. Having a criminal conviction on your record can make it harder to get an education, a job and even housing. When you are charged with a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer right away who is ready to defend your rights.

On Your Side

At Noland Law Firm, LLC, we never assume guilt, and we do not judge. We believe that everyone deserves a strong defense, and we are ready to go to trial for you as needed, working with expert witnesses to strengthen your case. Whether we aim in your case to get your charges dismissed or the penalties reduced, our firm is here to fight for you. You have options available, and you do not need to fight these charges alone. Do not give up hope. We will work hard to get your charges reduced or dropped.

We have achieved not-guilty verdicts at trial for all sorts of cases, from domestic violence to burglary and sexual assault. We have also had a variety of cases dismissed, including computer crimes, drug cases, sexual offenses, DUIs and others. I have also represented lawyers and other professionals in disciplinary actions. Come in for your free initial consultation to find out how we can help you, too.

We Can Defend Against A Wide Range Of Charges

We have experience defending clients against charges, including:

  • White collar crimes, including fraud, embezzlement and investment crimes
  • Drug charges, including possession, trafficking, and manufacturing
  • DUI/DWI defense, including license suspension and traffic stops
  • Violent crimes, including assault, battery and domestic violence
  • Property crimes, including theft, burglary, robbery and shoplifting

Our attorneys will take the time to fully understand your case, and build you a strong and personalized legal strategy to defend your rights. You need a lawyer to guide you through the system, and we will be by your side each step of the way.

Charged With A Crime? We Can Help.

If you are facing serious criminal charges, you need an aggressive lawyer by your side who is ready to fight for you. Call our Macon office today at 478-216-3043 for a free consultation. You can also contact us online.