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When changes in your family’s structure occur, such as a divorce or an adoption, it leads to a lot of stress. Between child care, household duties, finances and many other questions, you might feel buried. What you need is a way to take back the reins of your life.

Noland Law Firm, LLC, will put you in the driver’s seat for your family. The attorneys at our firm have over 20 years of legal experience, and we put your needs and priorities before anyone else. We will answer your questions and defend your rights to have your family the way you want it.

Divorce And Related Matters

Divorce is by far the most common family law concern for people in Macon and anywhere else in Georgia. But divorce-related matters can cover far more than just the end of a marriage. You will most likely need to resolve any of the following questions:

These questions do not come with simple, straightforward answers, and any one of them can turn what had been an amicable divorce into a fight. You want a lawyer who is smart enough to help get you the answers you need and is tough enough to protect your interests. Our firm’s success speaks for itself.

Adoption, Prenuptials, Postnuptials

Not every family law issue stems from a divorce. Some issues are geared towards building your family. Prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and adoptions build and secure families. They help add foundations to the lives of everyday people who want to grow. However, that does not preclude difficulties by any means. We can have the experience and the strength to get the results you need.

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