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Car accidents: Biker airlifted after 2-vehicle crash in Georgia

Georgia State Patrol sent the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team to investigate a recent crash that occurred on Highway 300. In many car accidents, the collision must be reconstructed before questions about fault and negligence can be answered. This incident involved a motorcycle and a truck that was pulling a camper.

Car accidents: Police say DUI driver caused fatal crash

Losing a 17-year-old child is devastating. Discovering that the death was caused by a drunk driver only exacerbates the heartache. The lives of teenagers in Georgia and other states are lost in preventable car accidents. Sadly, these senseless deaths will continue to occur, especially with approaching holidays that often include parties where alcohol is served.

Car accidents: Hit-and-run crash sends 1 to the hospital

Leaving the scene of a crash causes problems for the driver and any injured victims. A 38-year-old man was left behind after an alleged drunk driver smashed into his vehicle in Georgia and then drove away. Such car accidents can leave victims with financial and emotional damages if hit-and-run drivers remain at large.

Bicyclists face highest risks if involved in car accidents

Every time bicyclists take to the Georgia roads, they put their lives on the line. Even if they wear helmets, the lack of protection typically leaves cyclists severely injured or dead if they are involved in car accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 467,000 bicyclists were injured in crashes in 2015, and more than 1,000 lost their lives nationwide.

Car accidents: Driver's failure to yield leads to biker's death

Motorcyclists will always be vulnerable on Georgia roads. The fact that they have none of the protection offered by automobiles invariably result in severe injuries or death when bikers are involved in car accidents. Also, many motorists fail to look out for motorcycles, and the lives of many bikers are lost because of driver negligence.

Car accidents: SUV driver killed by detached big rig tires

A 31-year old big rig driver from another state was jailed in Georgia after the death of an SUV driver on Interstate 75. Instead of one of the typical causes of tractor-trailer vs. car accidents, defective tires that detached from the truck caused this crash. According to an accident report, the accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Car accidents involving big rigs are often fatal

Sharing the Georgia highways with big rigs put motorists at significant risks. The slightest error can cause car accidents involving commercial vehicles, and the sheer difference in size and weight could cause fatalities. In one such a tragic accident, a driver and her daughter lost their lives and several passengers ended up in the hospital.

How do pain and suffering claims work regarding car accidents?

Injured victims of wrecks in Georgia that resulted from another party's negligence might be overwhelmed by the consequences. Not only will there be mounting medical bills, lost income and other economic losses, but also emotional and physical stress caused by the injuries suffered in car accidents. These could include aches, scars, depression, limits on activities and even possible shortening of life.


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